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Versatile and cost-effective microwave radio solutions for long distance telecommunication networks

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Evo™ Long Haul Series

Evo™ XPAND IP / METRO LONG HAUL (LH) is a versatile and cost-effective microwave radio solution for long distance telecommunication networks. It is ideal for any application where fiber is not available, offering superior quality and fast deployment capabilities.

Evo™ XTEND Series

Evo™ XTEND Series Point-to-Point (PtP) microwave radios are the latest high quality state of the art radios to join the Evo™ family of high class wireless products from Nera.

Evo™ XTRM Series

The Evo™ XTRM Series is a Point-to-Point (PtP) Ultra High Frequency radio that operates on the 60 GHz and 70/80 Ghz frequency band. With AdaptPath™ and AdaptRate™ technology, it provides the Evo™ XTRM Series with stability in obtaining the highest performance. The Evo™ XTRM Series offers higher throughput, longer distances, superior reliability & faster ROI.

Evo™ XP-NexG Series

Evo™ XP-NexG is Nera’s next generation microwave radio with the capabilities of an aggregation node. It is a highly modular and flexible cellular backhaul product that is optimized for nodal deployments, with a small footprint, high density, and a high degree of scalability and availability.

Evo™ Xpand IP+

Evo™ XPAND IP+ is an advance version of XPAND IP radio with higher capacity and Ethernet features. Combining advanced Ethernet and TDM networking functionality with best-in-class microwave radio performance, Evo™ XPAND IP+ facilitates cost effective, risk-free migration to IP/Ethernet and can be integrated in any pure IP/Ethernet, Native2 (hybrid) or TDM network.